The Articulate Teacher

Articulate Teacher, Miss Mellan, is mortified after she gets carried away and admits to her devoted friend, Mr Dillion, that she longs to experiment with black cock. Whatever must he think of her now?

A remarkable Business Man from England, Mr Dillon, a British black man standing 5 foot tall with Jet Black hair and a lean athletic figure. Miss Mellan finds herself unable to stop picturing Mr Dillion’s solid abs and gigantic Thick Prick, fantasizing nightly about submitting to his deepest desires. She stumbled across his hidden blog of fantasies when she snooped through his laptop left at his office desk. That visit to his office changed everything leaving her to read his written submissions every night and meeting him other every evening in the week. Sitting in his living room drinking wine and talking deeply about life and philosophy only to leave his company to go home.

One afternoon, Miss Mellan spots Mr Dillion flirting with the predatory nurse, Chantal White. Damn that Chantal with her hourglass body and perky boobs. Miss Mellan tortures herself with thoughts of Mr Dillion shooting hot, sticky cum all over Chantal’s face. Miss Mellan’s desperate ambition to become Mr Dillion’s sex slave begins to feel like nothing more than a dumb fantasy. Perhaps she should focus her lust on her splendid room mate, Roy Khan …

However, when Miss Mallen gets home that night, Mr Dillion sneaks up on her from the shadows and fervently caresses her Plump boobs with his hungry hands, before dragging her into the bedroom where he knots his tie tight around her wrists. She delights as her dirtiest dreams begin to come true. Mr Dillion takes her on a journey of tickling, cock sucking and passionate squirting.

One night, after a thorough clit licking, Miss Mellan fights back, testing how far she can push her master. Defiantly, she tries to tickle him. Furious, Mr Dillion takes Miss Mellan to the staircase he pounds her with his dangerously gigantic cock.

As Miss Mellan lies in bed afterwards, enjoying the lemon poppy-seed muffins Mr Dillion has prepared for her, and reminiscing over the evening, she feels that they are finally connecting on the most primal level. (Also, she is less hungry.)

However, as Mr Dillion’s desires get darker still, he reveals that he has a very special task in mind for Miss Mellan, involving a vibrating rubber duck, which he whips out with a look of pure glee. Miss Mellam studies the mischievous yellow fellow with trepidation – how could anybody bring themselves to make love to something with a beak? She looks into Mr Dillion’s intense, brown eyes and shudders.

Will Miss Mellan be able to fully submit to Mr Dillion, or is the gigantic-Thick-Pricked Business Man going to go too far?

Part 2 coming soon

The Bath vs. Her classroom desk

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