feet play

She was weary to have her cunt ripped apart by my enormous  black cock but she was excited at the thought of me driving myself so deep in her; she could feel me in her stomach. Destroyed by my giant cock until she got her face full of messy cum.

She ruminated over taking my huge black dick in her tiny pussy.

She worshiped every turgid inch, sucking and fucking him to a deep, powerful orgasm, the like of which she had never before experienced and wouldn’t soon again.

Little did she know this encounter was going to happen again……………………………….

She was doing yoga indoors playing with her feet, slowly massaging each inch of her sexy toes until she felt bliss. But what could make this sensation even better? Enter me, a well-hung black guy ready to give those feet the love they deserve. She opens herself wide in a yoga pose, wiggling her feet to show she’s ready for my affection. I watch go her on each little tiny toes into a yoga position. Soon she’s stroking my raging shaft with her sexy feet, making me mad with lust. Eventually this indulgence of my foot fetish is too much, and I pound her hot pussy until she is panting heavily.

lets go back to when I entered the room filled with the amazing aroma of lemony cinnamon scent coming from the incenses smoking in the room where she was doing yoga. She went into the triangle pose gracefully stretching her body to the left as I peeked through the crack of the door. Oddly enough she was in an empty room with only a mat placed down. The place was so scarce, it looked like she had just moved in hence why I decided to come over and investigate why the 7 foot gate was open. She peacefully entered the plow pose which excited me even more pointing her toes to the sky defining her camel toe within her blue starry galaxy yoga pants. Her tits sat perfectly in her lounge wear top with her nipples pointing and areola rippling through. I was apprehensive to approach so I lightly tapped on the door but she was in a tranquil place in her mind. So I glided over walking slowly but presently so she could feel I was in the room. I startled her by accident causing her to shoot up off the floor as a hard jolt of fear.

She looked at me and did not exchange a word with me but looked on me as if she was anticipating me to do something to her.

I reassured her I was here to investigate the gate being open to the residence and not here to harm her.

She replied “Come upstairs maybe you can help me put my bed up”

I countered ” I am not that great at D.I.Y”

She still continued up the stairs into her master room where her bed stayed dismantled but a big round sofa chair almost looking like a mini round bed stayed in the corner. She advised me it was a lounge chair.However I could not help but notice the magic wand or back massager mysteriously nearby by the chair. I walked up to the chair suddenly she dived into it. She started to push me back with the ball of her left foot while curled over the hide the device. I smiled at her and she returned a smile too causing me to come closer to her but she stayed resilient pushing me back with her smooth feet. I eased off the pressure watching her legs remain folded and her toes pointing at me. She guided her feet down my torso on to my despicable bulge relaxed in the jogging bottoms.

I grabbed her by the ankles pulling her closer till she was in line with my hips, my bulge rubbing against her pussy but our clothes played as a barrier. I yanked off her yoga pants  exposing  her pure pussy and she shot up into the sitting position and pulled down my trousers. She gripped my huge black pulsing boner; slurping and gagging on it with her mouth covering all 9 inches of me. She kept sliding her mouth over my raging stiffie covered in spit to the extreme that I was soaked and dripping from my pelvis right down off my tip. She gained her breath and laid back on to the chair. She rubbed her soft, pretty and cute toes all over my balls and chocolate prick. My cock was throbbing and pulsating between her big toe and 2nd toe rubbing me up and down scraping spit down my cock veins waterfalling pass my balls. I was fully swelled leaking with her spit so I aimed it down encouraging her to widen her legs. I slowly pierced her pussy watching her cum overflow from her wet glazed cunt. her pussy lips started to feel the submersion of her lubricating insides being produced by her walls. I felt my shaft dip in where her walls kept rippling all over my cock contracting while drenching me. we both felt each other tremble as the tingling sensation of me penetrating her became intense. I shoved myself in deep until she gasped once my hammer pressed her cherry hard; I progressed rapidly pounding her pussy and held her neck so she could watch me pound her out. Deliberately I let go and gave her deep eye contact constantly slamming her pussy pressing her cherry hard that she started to quiver from the pleasure.

Her feet rested on my chest as I steadily kept pressing her cherry until she became disorientated making her cum gradually where she wailed and stayed uncontrollably  spazzing. I commanded her to stay on her back and remain with her legs in the air passing her the wand in which she snatched it. She pressed on and suddenly started to grind the knob of the device on her clit but fuck me did I feel it from inside her causing her to contract faster creaming my cock. The sound of thudding echoed loudly in the room as my thighs ricocheted off her bum cheeks with velocity and now we were sweating profusely. My hulking cock felt my  milk come up and fire a hot round of cum  far in her. Her eyes rolled back feeling the vibrations against her clit tingling and tickling until her body instantly jerked in pleasure with an orgasm. My cock hung with a slim trail of cum hanging, I went down on my knees to stretch her pussy out with my finger tips to see if her pussy would drip out my cum but it was nowhere to be found.

The End

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