My Mindset part 1

What turns you on before sex?

A deep conversation – I like a woman who is passionate and can talk about anything or what she loves doing the most with conviction in her tone of voice.


What is your best kept intimate secret?

Made love to a woman who had no breast due to breast cancer ultimately aiming to make her feel beautiful again

What is my favourite sex position?

I have 2 which is:

thumbs_7-launchpad   mj-618_348_mastery-kneeling-10-positions-that-women-love


What is one of your fantasies?

Sex covered in baby oil in a candle lit room


Where do you love to have sex?

Living room or A park


Do you love quickies?

Who doesn’t?


How do you visualise the perfect woman? What are her attributes?

She is strong willed, Intelligent and independent


What lingerie would you love to see a girl in?

babydoll or just stockings!


What turns you on the most during sex?

Hearing a woman moan or watching her toes curl


What props would you use in the bedroom?

A wand no doubt and a cock ring!


What is the ultimate role play for you?

To pretend we did not know each other and fuck outside hastily


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