Candles among the floor

Lustress’s arse is high in the air, pillows boosting her up so her peachy pussy is pointing almost straight up. Ropes wrap her body like spider’s silk on prey. She is helpless and held in place, at my mercy.

The room is lit by scented vanilla candles, the warm light giving everything a golden glow. Lustress’s skin is glowing in the light, making her look somehow magical and ethereal. As she waits her anticipation grows, as does her arousal. Her succulent pussy lips are open and her hot waiting slit drips cum that runs down her belly and makes the rug under her wet. She is ready.

I touch her and she jumps. Having expected to hear my approach she is taken by surprise when I am just there beside her. The feel of my leather clad fingers stroking her sends shivers through her whole body. She purrs in response.

My fingers trace down her body to her waist and gently caress her hips. Pausing for a moment I pull at one of the ropes and it allows her legs to spread slightly and in so doing, opens her delicious pussy up more. Her runny juices drip out of her and tickle down her white pure skin.

The room is lit by long taper candles. I take one and place the fat end between Lustress’s pussy lips, then begin to slide it into her. I imagine her exquisite surprise in being penetrated thus.

Lustress moans as the long wax base of the candle slides deeper into her pussy. Her body shakes with a small climax and i pause until she is done, then wiggle the candle a little in her.

“Clamp your pussy closed, hold this tightly” I say.

“Yes, Lustro,” she responds but I touch her lips with a latex covered finger.

“Shhhhh… just do… don’t say. Hold it tightly, no matter what.” Lustress knows enough to just do it and not ask why.

As she clenches her pussy tightly around the candle I begin to play with her ass, slowly using one finger to tease all around her hole and then tickle her until she can barely keep the candle up. “Careful,” I say. “That candle is lit my dear… you really don’t want to drop it.”

Lustress clenches her pussy tighter. She trembles slightly and that small wiggle is enough to dislodge some of the liquid wax. It runs down the shaft of the candle and the hot wax spills over her pussy lips. She cries out but holds it tightly still.

“Good girl,” I say and she smiles. Those words would inspire her to walk into the flames of hell if you asked.

The second spill of wax is more and it runs down her lips and over her clit. The heat is so intense she cums without any warning. Lustress’s body shakes and more wax spills onto her pussy but still she holds the candle up. Finally she recovers and lies there trembling and holding the taper in her pussy like a good girl.

Mifinger goes back to playing with her asshole, only this time I rub slippery lubricant all over it and slide my finger into her, greasing her up.

Lustress shakes as she realizes what will be next. I press the second candle against her tight asshole and slowly work it into her. I gently slide it deeper into her ass, filling her up and making her feel almost like she will split from both holes being full, even with the candles being slim.

I let out a little laugh and begin to work the candle in and out of her hole, fucking her ass with it. Lustress moans as it violates her ass deeply; sliding way into her and then back almost out and then in again. Her pussy is literally dripping cum out of it; the hot wax from the candle spilling over her lips and clit again and again.

She is shaking as I stroke her hair and calm her. Her orgasm had been so intense, the candle had nearly fallen over. As she clenches her pussy tight on it again it straightens back up and a little more wax trickles onto her.

At last Lustress regains her composure and I kiss her back and rub her shoulder affectionately. She smiles and holds the candles upright. I light a match.

I light the candle in her ass and blow out the match and then nothing. I say nothing else, make no noise, refrain from touching her. For long minutes she waits for something to happen.

Then it happens all at once. The candle in Lustress’s asshole drips wax first and the hot liquid sears her and runs down her crack in both directions, onto her back and pussy. She jerks from the feeling. The candle in her cunt splashes more wax between her legs. She twitches in reaction and the candle in her ass spills more, and then the one in her pussy…

Both candles shower Lustress with hot wax, she screams and cums and screams until she doesn’t know what she is doing any more. She cries out as her body shakes and she tries so hard to keep the candles held up but more and more wax spills. She is trembling, crying, cumming, she can’t stop any of it.

Lustress is curled in my lap when she finally opens her eyes. I stroke her hair and kiss her gently. She snuggles her face into your chest and enjoys your touches. My fingers are hot from the gloves you have taken off. I trace them like little points of fire over her skin as she drifts off again.

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